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Expert Insights

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There is no doubt that Brand Britain has significant appeal on the global stage. With so many cross-border brand activities in place, it’s clear that the desire for all things British in the US is still going strong. However, it pays to remember that everyone across the world does not necessarily share the same tastes and values...
Being one of the largest eCommerce markets in the world, the US payment landscape is similar to other western markets such as the UK - but how do American shoppers prefer to pay for their online purchases?
It goes without saying, excellent customer service is expected by American shoppers who are used to a high level of service across all areas of their daily lives. Naturally this extends to online delivery - but what delivery options do US customers expect?
As we know the US have many sales tax laws which affect different retailers in different ways. Nexus is just one of them - it ultimately determines if a seller is obliged to collect sales tax in a particular jurisdiction. But what happens if you have sales tax Nexus?
Launching in 2010, Newegg is the newest and most exciting online marketplace retailer specialising in technology. With over 30 million registered users, could it be your next step to entering the US market?
For ambitious European eCommerce companies looking to grow their businesses overseas, the US is viewed as the land of opportunity.
Romance was certainly in the air last month, as retailers and restaurants earned big from Valentine’s Day. It turns out that Cupid’s arrows don’t come cheap, with the National Retail Federation (NRF) suggesting that the most popular way to say ‘I love you’ was by flashing the cash.
It represents the world’s largest economy and most developed consumer market but many brands have struggled to get a foothold, or make a success, of trading into the US. Korean Airlines, Tesco’s Fresh & Easy and Marks & Spencer...
Following the European Courts of Justice raising concerns around the efficacy of Safe Harbor, the agreement between the European Union and US Federal authorities concerning protections around the transfer of personal data between the two areas and its protection...

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