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Localisation has become key to success online and savvy brands and online retailers have adopted innovative approaches to localisation in order to provide the best experience for their target customers while retaining their brand identity and tone of voice in all of the markets that they operate. So how are retailers applying localisation strategies across the world and how are demands shifting?
If you shop on Amazon, you may often see the term ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ meaning that you’re buying a good not from Amazon, but from a third party seller. Fulfilled by Amazon, or FBA, selling is where a third party stores their goods in Amazon warehouses, and Amazon then uses them to fulfil listings. But what does it take to sell your goods as Fulfilled by Amazon?
It is well known that the use of smartphones and tablets has grown rapidly but which device dominates the traffic and at what time of day across France, Germany and UK? And how does device usage differ between these Countries?
Since Brexit, a number of events have taken place which has meant the price of items has significantly dropped in the UK. But what are the affects of the UK leaving the European Union on retail pricing?
This review – produced by eCommerce Worldwide and IMRG – assesses what we have learnt so far since the UK voted to leave the EU – including the potential impacts for the various online retail operations involved in cross-border trade.
On 21st September, eCommerce Worldwide and IMRG held a small interactive forum for senior retailers, designed to discuss the practical implications of Brexit on cross-border eCommerce. We welcomed experts from Bond Dickinson, Metapack, wnDirect, Arvato & many more to share their insights on what impact the Brexit vote may have - what were the key takeaways?
The UK’s vote on 23rd June to leave the European Union (EU) has caught governments and businesses by surprise. There was no planning for post-Brexit trading models and what is almost certain is that eCommerce to and from the UK faces an increased VAT and customs compliance burden, but what are the facts?
A report in 2015 found that only 0.2% of total online revenue for brands was generated by social media. A surprisingly low figure, when you consider the reach many popular British brands have. So how can social media be used to acquire British customers?
The UK left the European Union in June and not much has been reported. However, after analysing months of cross-border data, retailers all around the world want to know about post-Brexit cross-border shopping behavior in the UK...
Last month we tracked a record high for the month of June in the percentage of orders being sent cross-border from UK retailers. The data for July has just come in - the first full month of data since the EU referendum result (23 June) - how did Brexit affect cross-border delivery?

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