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Online retailers know the opportunities that comes with expansion into Russia but entering this massive market comes with its delivery challenges. However, what do you need to know about trading and delivery into Russia?
Russia is frequently perceived by foreign retailers as a complicated and risky environment but there are a number of organisations in Russia that can help you understand this market environment and the rules by which the market plays. But who are they?
Russia is the 9th biggest country in the world with roughly 30 million online Russian shoppers in 2015 which only continue to grows in 2016. However, with cross-border shopping being the fastest-growing segment of the Russian eCommerce market, what do Russian consumers want when it comes to cross-border shopping?
Russia, in terms of internet penetration, did lag behind most other European countries but is rapidly playing catch up. Not surprisingly, eCommerce has increased alongside internet penetration with an estimated 148 million orders generated in 2015. But with so many unknowns surrounding entering the Russian market, what are the golden rules?
Russia offers a potentially attractive market for international merchants, however the market needs careful consideration in order to get it right. Things to take into account include the distinctly different Russian way of thinking, along with the legal rules and political context of the country. So what are the key things retailers need to know?
The first rule of international eCommerce is localisation - especially for a vast country like Russia. With a population of 149 million, it would be a bit naive not to consider there to be differences in consumers. So what do online retailers need to know about cross-border eCommerce with Russia?
Russia is an emerging eCommerce market with an impressive growth of 20% per year - however many businesses find it difficult to know how to break into it. What’s the solution to reaching and engaging with potential Russian customers effectively? It could lie with a social platform which many people outside of Russia have never even heard of – Vkontakte.
The Russian eCommerce market is booming and is one of the fastest growing within Europe. With many large, western brands already reaping the fruits of their investments and others planning their expansion, what are the common topics that need to be addressed when entering this booming market?
This article looks at seven trends impacting social media usage in Russia – local, grown-up, ageing, regional, mobile, multi-functional, commercial.
Building a good list of keywords is essential task for all SEO and PPC activities, and it is a tricky job even in your native language that requires strong marketing skills. Putting yourself into customer shoes, understanding his or her rational and emotional needs, understanding behavior scenarios and search phrases used in each stage as well as estimating their frequencies and potential conversion rates takes hours and hours of extensive research.

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