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People foreign to the Nordic region might not realise that the combined markets of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are in many ways leading the world in payments innovation. And through this, it is also apparent in its consumers’ progressive payment preferences when making online purchases. However, which payment option should online retailers offer when launching in these markets?
Scandinavian style is big at the moment. Not only are brands of Scandinavian origin achieving success globally but there’s also a wider Scandi-style influence on the fashion industry.
Is it fair to view all four Nordics countries as one strategic region? Yes and no, as there are both differences and similarities between the countries that you need to be aware of when expanding your eCommerce business into the Nordics. Here’s what you need to know...
The Nordics is often a region overlooked by retailers in favour of our near neighbours in Western Europe or across the pond in North America. However, being a set of countries leading the world in online connectivity, should you pass on this promising region?
As one of the most digitally savvy regions in the world, the Nordic countries are a prime target for social influencer marketing.
Considering the steady growth of eCommerce in the Nordic Region, it may come as a surprise that the proven-method of physical Direct Mail still has a very strong position in the Nordic media landscape...
With Sweden being the most populous country in the Nordic region with a staggering 93% online penetration, it’s often seen as the perfect place to launch an eCommerce business and a start to penetrating the Nordic region. But what do companies need to know when targeting Swedish customers?
When it comes to paying in Nordic countries - cash is a thing of the past. Given that the Nordics are known for being early adopters of technology, their preference could suggest large-scale adoption of online banking e-payments...
Even though banks, payment / card companies and commerce operators are becoming more skilled by the day applying increasingly sophisticated alert-systems, fraud is unfortunately a lingering risk within the Nordic regions for all actors in the online space...

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