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Expert Insights

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With retail high streets made up of many smaller businesses and a significant number of businesses using online to sell directly to the domestic market, are Irish customers open to shopping cross-border?
Ranked closely behind the UK and ahead of the EU average in terms of mobile usage and with 77% of households in Northern Ireland having access to super fast broadband (above 33 mbps), what are the online and mobile habits among Irish consumers?
Ireland has the fourth-highest GDP per capita of any member state of the European Union (EU) and its close ties with the UK and other European countries, what do you need to know about the political and socio-economic landscape in Ireland?
The growth rate of online retail worldwide holds the US, UK and China as eCommerce giants by virtue of their size but smaller countries like Ireland are holding their own – albeit growing at a much smaller rate but still a market to take notice of.
There are vast opportunities for growth in online retail in Ireland but with that comes the realities of fraud and payment risks. We look at the steps to reducing this risk...
Since its creation in 2011 and once thought by most to be a passing fad that would soon become a distant memory of a particular demographic, Snapchat has become the fastest growing social network worldwide and has been adopted by an ever-increasing portion of Irish users.

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