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There are many benefits to entering the German eCommerce market - it’s the 3rd largest online market in Europe and has a very high internet penetration rate, but what other staistics do you need to know before entering this lucrative country?
Being the world’s fifth largest eCommerce market, Germany has become an exceptionally popular destination for online merchants looking to sell their goods and services. However, retailers should still be aware of the high levels of fraud to do with their number one payment method. Therefore, what do you need to know about building an eCommerce fraud prevention strategy for Germany?
It is well known that the use of smartphones and tablets has grown rapidly but which device dominates the traffic and at what time of day across France, Germany and UK? And how does device usage differ between these Countries?
With continued growth, a stable economy and low interest rates boosting its strong figures, eCommerce industry watchers are paying close attention to the German online retail market. Here are four key areas of focus for successful entry to the German market.
German consumers are some of the biggest online shoppers in Europe and when it comes to paying for these purchases, payment by invoice is still one of the most popular payment methods...
A surge of account takeovers have been a major problem for eCommerce customers in Germany lately - something which major fraud prevention and payment experts are tackling everyday.
Based on German shopping habits, high return rates should be accounted for in every realistic fashion eCommerce business in Germany. However, there are ways to mitigate and control that pattern...
The German market clearly has huge potential for any online business. As a digital economy, Germany is second only to the UK in Europe, with an online retail spend of £44.3bn in 2015.

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