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Expert Insights

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By cleverly orchestrating a string of headline-grabbing shopping holidays throughout the year, China is reinventing retail. But why are Chinese consumers embracing these shopping frenzies so readily and offers and how can overseas retailers learn from this to gain and maintain the competitive edge?
WeChat has been a hot topic for many marketers for a long time. However, how much do we really know about the most used social network in China? And how is WeChat used for business?
Cross-border eCommerce sales in China are rocketing but with a challenging market for Western retailers to expand into, do retailers really understand the key to success when it comes to cross-border payments?
Not only is China the world’s largest and fastest growing eCommerce market, but online shopping continues to rise significantly with online spending estimated to reach over one trillion dollars by 2020. So is China currently at the forefront of your mind?
With reported USD $14.3bn in online sales in just one day in 2015, most peak retail periods are being easily eclipsed by China Singles Day. But what implications does this have for global eCommerce?
Standing at the forefront of global eCommerce trade, China is undoubtedly a tempting marketing for ambitious foreign companies with an eye for lucrative opportunities. However, do regulations and policies hinder a company’s willingness to tap into such a diverse market?
Just as Google is ubiquitous for web search in many parts of the world, Baidu is the number one choice in China, performing 70% of all searches. So in order for a website to have visibility in China, it needs to score well in Baidu’s search rankings - but how can you achieve this?
The Chinese eCommerce market is growing so fast that figures are out of date almost as soon as they are released. With eCommerce becoming a way of life for the Chinese - find out all the latest statistics and information on this rapidly evolving online retail market...
Currently buying online from over 100 countries, Chinese consumers offer huge opportunities for online retailers. But there’s no point expanding into China’s eCommerce market if you don’t understand your target market. So what do you need to know about customer expectation in China?
Cross-border online shopping has become the safest and most effective way for overseas retailers to expand to the Chinese market. For them, understanding the market and customers is essential to making a successful marketing strategy...

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