Comexposium Group announces launch of UK edition of its E-Commerce One-To-One event in Monaco

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  • An exclusive, invite-only 5-star networking and information-gathering experience for senior management
  • Restricted to 400 attendees – two-thirds board-level retailers, one-third suppliers / partners presenting their latest innovations
  • One-to-one meetings, workshops and plenary sessions

Comexposium Group and IMRG, the UK’s online retail association, are today announcing the launch of a new UK-focused edition of a Monaco-based exclusive business summit for e-commerce heads.


E-Commerce One-to-One, which focuses on French retailers, has been running successfully for six years – and now E-Commerce One-to-One, based in Monaco again but focused specifically on the UK market, will be held on 13-14 March 2017.


E-Commerce One-to-One has built a reputation as being a major event for the finest minds in e-commerce. It is designed to accelerate business, inspire new thinking, challenge assumptions and play a core role in facilitating discussion about the future dynamics of this sector. All of this within the exceptional environment of Monaco.


Participant numbers will be strictly controlled and the limit for this event will be 400 – two-thirds will be board-level operators within e-merchants, brands and distributors, selected according to their current projects and budget; and one third will be supplier / partners presenting their latest innovations.


The event repeats the successful formula of other E-Commerce One-to-One events, promising to provide a dynamic schedule of one-to-one meetings, workshops and plenary sessions on themes based on e-merchant’s most pressing issues. The format is designed to set new standards in facilitating interaction and engagement between the most influential decision-makers in the UK e-commerce space.


E-Commerce One-To-One eCommerce Event

"IMRG is proud to support the inaugural E-Commerce One-to-One for the UK online retail market, which is set to provide senior delegates with a 5-star networking and information-gathering experience, and act as a real business catalyst. We are delighted to give our full backing to this event which promises to fill a gap in the market for a top-level forum to discuss and map the future of the UK’s ecommerce market. IMRG will be integral to putting the event programme together ensuring alignment with the UK market’s needs" commented Justin Opie, Managing Director, IMRG.


Opie’s thoughts were echoed by Renaud Hamaide, CEO, Comexposium Group, who added:"Comexposium has been very successful at launching and developing business meeting events and E-Commerce One to One in Monaco is one of its best examples. Today, we are very happy to partner with IMRG, the leading UK online retail organisation, to launch a British edition of E-Commerce One to One which will run in Monaco next March. We are convinced that our expertise in organising such premium events, combined with IMRG's deep knowledge of and connection with the UK business community is the winning formula for launching such an event."


Applications to participate either as a guest or as a partner are welcomed at where more information about previous speakers, programme outline and partnership opportunities are also outlined.




To find out more about the event connect with us at:
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13th and 14th March 2017


Grimaldi Forum, Monaco


For further information, hi res images or press releases please contact
Franz Caduc on +33 1 76 77 13 02 or


The UK's Online Retail Association


IMRG is the UK’s online retail association – a membership community offering neutral and unique resources for online retailers.


IMRG helps its members understand and improve their online retail performance through a busy programme of performance benchmarking, data analysis, insight, best practice-sharing and events.


The organisation has been tracking online sales since 2000 and now measures over 120 individual metrics in a series of indexes, providing in-depth intelligence on online and mobile sales, delivery trends, marketing ROI and channel performance.


Its membership community comprises businesses of all sizes – multichannel and pure-play retailers, multinationals, SMEs and micro retailers, as well as a wide range of solution providers to industry.



A leading European and global trade fair and show organiser


COMEXPOSIUM Group is involved in more than 170 B2C and B2B events, covering 11 sectors of the economy including fashion, retail, agriculture, national security, construction, high-tech, optics and transport. Every year it welcomes 45,000 exhibitors and more than 3 million visitors in 23 countries around the world.


Customer satisfaction, innovation, growth, and environmental responsibility are the key commitments of the COMEXPOSIUM Group’s products.


A dynamic portfolio of B2B and B2C events is constantly evolving and diversifying to make them unique and unmissable venues for discovery, discussion, networking and business development.


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