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Graeme Howe,
Managing Director


Having launched in 2013, Graeme has taken the concept of providing a valuable resource for any online retailer looking to trade cross-border and created eCommerce Worldwide. Graeme has over 20 years of experience launching and developing brands and with a detailed understanding of the cross-border market, there's a lot of potential for eCommerce Worldwide to continue to grow.


Now Graeme is exclusively focused on leading eCommerce Worldwide's next phase of development, ensuring it is well-positioned to serve the online cross-border retail community by providing valuable insight and knowledge through a range of international cross-border trading guides, exclusive events, reports and other media.

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Amal Davda,
Web Manager


Responsible for the eCommerce Worldwide website and it's functionality at delivering all the resources online retailers need to trade cross-border, Amal comes from a diverse eCommerce and web design background.


From website maintenance and user experience to reporting on key metrics and online marketing such as SEO, Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing, Amal continuously works to make sure the website serves the online cross-border retail community.

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Andy Mulcahy,


Working at the heart of the eCommerce news industry for 6 years, Andy is the eCommerce Worldwide editor. Whilst working closely with thought leaders and online retail experts, Andy's impartial view of the international cross-border market enables him to create insightful content and report on key trends.


Andy also works closely with our solution provider community to add their expertise and insight to what he's seeing and is the first point of contact for media.

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Paul Evans,
Head of Events


Paul is responsible for all eCommerce Worldwide events - from the large cross-border summit to the focused round-table discussions and workshops, Paul's organised approach has ensured eCommerce Worldwide host some of the most successful cross-border events in the calender.


Paul plays the lead role in everything from venue sourcing and sponsor negotiating to organising speakers and speaker content to be delivered to hundreds of delegates.

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Charles Scherer,
Deputy Editor


Charles curates, edits, and contributes to the IMRG blog, edits the monthly Index Reports and Quarterly Benchmarks, and writes Insight articles for IMRG members. He manages content from IMRG members and schedules the publication of solution-provider thought leadership.


His background is in copywriting, research, and editing, having worked for major retailers, agencies, and publications.

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Max Barenthin,
Marketing Executive


Ensuring eCommerce Worldwide is seen by online retailers around the world as the number one destination for trading cross-border, Max is responsible for all online marketing activity such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.


Max plays an active role in making sure online retailers know the benefits of the cross-border trading passports and the beneifts of attending the exclusive cross-border summit hosted every year.

Andrew Starkey Image & Information

Andrew Starkey,
Head of e-Logistics


With an extensive background in the world of parcels and postal logistics including senior commercial roles at Royal Mail, being the Executive Director of Postcomm and Commercial Director of Jersey Post International, Andrew Starkey is the Head of e-Logistics and the author of leading online delivery reports.


Andrew is a recognised expert in e-retail logistics and a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and the Institute of Direct Marketing making him an authority in the world of online delivery.

Andrew McClelland Image & Information

Andrew McClelland,
Head of Insight


Having been involved in the digital commerce space for over 11 years, Andrew McClelland has a unique insight into the development of cross-border online retail and the challenges of changing consumer trends throughout the world.


Andrew has a strong, senior level commercial background having worked with large businesses to develop international strategies and help organisations understand the digital landscape.

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