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Andrew McClelland eCommerce Worldwide Expert


Andrew McClelland
Head of Insight


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2.00pm - 5.30pm
Followed by Networking Drinks



One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL


Getting Here:

Nearest tube is still Custom House and CentrEd is signposted as you walk up to the main entrance of ExCel. You go past the main entrance and walk along the dockside of ExCel.

This workshop will provide attendee’s with insight on the issues, impacting both the decision to go cross-border and the fine tuning of international expansion plans.


We have a great range of experienced specialists who will share their insight and expertise, starting with an overview of key areas for consideration as a business’s decision maker, and then covering key areas of the customer proposition. This will include finding customers in new markets, taking payment, delivering goods and servicing this new and remote customer base.


This workshop is a must-attend event which also complements the full day conference running on the 18th May.


Scope of Workshop:


1. To go, or not to go?

Andrew McClelland eCommerce Worldwide Expert Andrew McClelland
Head of Insight & MD at Mirador Digital
IMRG and Mirador Digital

Practical overview of areas worth considering/reviewing when going cross-border; Which country; understanding the market; the hidden challenges and resourcing.


What will you learn?

  • Better understanding of key business requirements for a successful cross-border venture
  • How cross-border will impact your current operations/business
  • Understand key market factors that might impact your proposition
  • Balance the hype with the benefit: the questions to ask yourself before investing in cross-border


2. Money

Julian Wallis eCommerce Worldwide Expert Julian Wallis
Head of Sales
Ingenico ePayments

Taking payments in different territories; how consumers differ in their preferences in different countries; parties that might be involved; acceptance and refunds.


What will you learn?

  • Its not all about cards – understand the benefits and pitfalls of other payment methods
  • Taking payments in a foreign currency; Big or small this will impact your business; what questions should you ask suppliers?
  • Global exchanges and refunds; we will highlight the challenges and ways to mitigate risk


3. Selling

Ted Hettich eCommerce Worldwide Expert Ted Hettich
Global Head of Partnerships

Selecting appropriate marketing methods; building brand; changes in demand; impact on SEO; email & social and onsite merchandising.


What will you learn?

  • Understand the potential impact of trading into new countries
  • Mechanisms for building brand cross-border
  • What to look for in localisation ; SEO, product descriptions and translations


4. Customers

Nicola Huet eCommerce Worldwide Expert Nicola Huet
Head of Internationalisation

Understanding requirements; need for localisation; providing customer support and contact.


What will you learn?

  • What support options need to be available
  • What to translate and when
  • Factors to consider so as to increase consumer confidence in your brand


5. Getting

Gary Tervit eCommerce Worldwide Expert Gary Tervit
International Service Director
P2P Solutions

Charlotte Monk-Chipman eCommerce Worldwide Expert Charlotte Monk-Chipman
Head of Marketing

Developing a local returns approach which appeals to the international consumer.


What will you learn?

  • Understand service offerings available to exporters
  • Insight on customer expectations for delivery in different countries
  • Possible pricing considerations
  • Returns; ideas for getting stuff back into inventory


The first steps to entering the UK eCommerce market

The first steps to entering the UK eCommerce market

"Selling Online to British Customers" Hosted by Chris Jones, this session is for our international friends, looking to sell into the UK. Chris will guide you through what you need to know to start selling successfully into the UK.
Ted Hettich

Ted Hettich

Ted Hettich is Global Head of Partnerships at Fruugo
Charlotte Monk-Chipman

Charlotte Monk-Chipman

Charlotte Monk-Chipman is Head of Marketing at ReBOUND.
Gary Tervit

Gary Tervit

Gary Tervit his career in the Industry as a delivery for courier for DHL Express in the mid- eighties.
Nicola Huet

Nicola Huet

Nicola has spent 20 years working in retail and marketing for global brands.
Julian Wallis

Julian Wallis

Julian began his career in payments after graduating in Business Studies from Leeds University in 1995.
Andrew McClelland

Andrew McClelland

Andrew McClelland has been involved in digital commerce for over 11 years and has held senior roles at e-Retail trade body IMRG.

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