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Territory Overview

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World eCommerce rank: 1

Population: 309 million

Components: 50 States

Official Language: None; English is the language of Government, Spanish (12.9%) also spoken widely

Gross domestic product: 16.77 trillion

Currency: US Dollars (USD/$)

Internet: .us .gov .mil .edu .com

Trading into the US is not the same as trading into one country. The US is made up of 50 states and, while it is governed at the federal level, a large amount of decision-making is done at state level. With a GDP of nearly $17trn, a population of over 309 million and 87% internet penetration, the US certainly presents an attractive option for any merchant aspiring to increase their reach.

US consumers are already showing a propensity to shop with cross-border merchants, with studies showing that over 70% of online shoppers have already made a purchase with a foreign website with the UK, China, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia at the forefront.

cross-border ecommmerce usa

Being the home of many of the leading companies in the digital industries, it should come as no surprise that both consumers and US merchants are big adopters of online shopping.

Electronics, clothing and furniture / home furnishings are all leading categories for both distance-selling and online shopping. Over 20% of all ecommerce sales are attributed to the clothing sector while consumer electronics accounts for 22%.


The sheer scale of the country leads to other challenges and opportunities. Many of the big retail brands have a physical presence in virtually every state. However, that does not mean that there is a store on the doorstep of every consumer. Ecommerce lends itself to helping brands reach more customers, which is why Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot all feature in the top 10 of online retailers. Their physical presence has built a brand – online helps them reach more consumers more regularly.


This increasing acceptance of online, openness to trading cross-border and ability of international logistics companies to compete in the local marketplace provides foreign merchants with opportunities to enter the US market. However having 50 states doesn’t always make one country – laws, taxation, culture and economy make each as unique as the next.

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eCommerce Environment

eCommerce Environment

eCommerce Environment Trends and analysis are the lifeblood of any digitally-enabled business. This section highlights key trends and statistics to illustrate the state of eCommerce in the US.
Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding Data and insight on popular digital marketing channels and how US consumers interact with the communications.


Legal This section illustrates the legal environment in the US.
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Retail is all about customer expectations and experience. This section provides insight into the US consumer, their expectations and concerns.
Finance and Payments

Finance and Payments

Finance and Payments A key area for any business concerns how to take payment for products and services offered. This section reviews common payment types and trends that are taking place in the US.


Taxation A crucial area for any business to understand, this section focuses on sales tax; highlighting some of the complexities involved in trading into the US – 50 states and over 12,000 jurisdictions.


Logistics This section examines significant trends, advances and practices in US logistics and delivery.

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