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As with most global markets, there is a massive and rapid swing in expenditure from offline to online. Even in the online arena, new technologies are changing spending patterns and investment priorities. For example, social media is of growing importance while user generated content and programmatic advertising are playing key roles in getting brand messages out to consumers. As with all investments however, it is important to ensure a positive ROI and this is no different when targeting the Nordics.

Marketing platforms

When assigning budgets and priorities for marketing into the Nordics, it is also useful to understand consumer engagement with the various communication channels. A marketing survey highlighted penetration rates on three of the main marketing platforms. Email ranked highly across the region in terms of number of online consumers who have subscribed to at least one company’s email list. An average of 83% of the online population of the Nordics had subscribed. 59% of the same user-base are fans of a brand on Facebook and 16% follow them on Twitter.

Social Media

Overall, social media covers a wide range of channels, often differing in terms of target audiences and levels of interaction. Nearly a quarter of Nordic retailers are seeing a good ROI from social media activities and advertising. A further 43% of merchants are expecting to see ROI at some point in the future.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the Nordics. YouTube however, also has a strong userbase and represents some interesting opportunities for brand communication; either directly or via video bloggers (vloggers).


Research from Buzzador supports this. From their community, Buzzador report that Facebook is by-far the most popular social media channel with 90% of the Norwegians surveyed using it at least once a day, if not more reguarly. 42% of Swedish respondents are using Instagram daily.


Each of the channels offer their own core benefits. Facebook is about fairly private communities where personal recommendation is at its most powerful. Twitter and blogs are more like broadcast mediums, useful for brand building and influencing, rather than directly impacting sales. Twitter reports that users in Finland currently prefer using laptops and PCs rather than mobile devices while 69% of Swedish Twitter users watch videos on the platform.


Sweden has the second-highest penetration of teen snapchat users, behind Ireland. This doesn’t suggest that there are more users in this demographic than in the US, merely that a higher proportion of ‘mobile’ teens use the app. According to a 2015 report by DR Medieforskning, nearly half of all 12-19 year-old Danes are using Snapchat daily while nearly a qurater of 20-29 year-olds are doing the same; a total user-base of over 800,000.

Further information

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