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eCommerce Environment

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Total eCommerce value 2014: Approximately USD 17 billion (RUB 660 billion)
Total m-Commerce value in 2014: Roughly USD 3.4 billion (RUB 222 billion)
Number of mobile shoppers 2014: Approximately 8.5 million
Average consumer online order value 2014: Around USD 75





It has been well-publicised that the Russian Federation has recently been affected by both international and domestic turmoil; upheaval which has led to the current quasi-stagnation of the Russian economy.


Despite these difficulties, however, the Russian eCommerce market continues to show resilience and grow at significant double-digit rates, though this growth rate will slow in coming years. Long-term expectations for this digital market remain high, with the full potential of Russian eCommerce far from realised.

Technological penetration

  • In 2014 there were 79 million internet users (nearly 55% of the population) and 31 million online shoppers in Russia, and this figure is expected to reach 40 million in 2015
  • The total eCommerce value for 2014 was approximately USD 17 billion, and cross-border sales made up around USD 5 billion of this figure.
  • In 2014, the average Russian consumer e-order value was around USD 75, though when a purchase was made from a foreign internet shop, the average value increased to USD 95.
  • Online sales in Russia account for just 2 -2.5% of overall retail sales, but this is estimated to rise to 5% during 2015.
  • The Russian eCommerce market will continue to grow in coming years, despite being slowed by economic difficulties – over the next five years, it is expected to grow to between USD 40-50 billion.
  • Russian internet usage rates by device (2013):


    • Desktop users - 74.8%
    • Mobile users - 27.1%
    • Tablet users - 3.4%
    • Other - 1 %




At present, there are only around 8.5 million mobile shoppers in Russia, and Russian consumers spend a comparatively small proportion of their mobile browsing time shopping online. Instead, social networking, messaging and search functions are typically preferred, though Russian consumers often research goods online using smartphones before making purchases via alternative means.


Overall, mobile device traffic only constitutes around 7% of all traffic to Russian websites, and so far only 21% of surveyed smartphone users living in Russian cities with a population of 100,000+ have made purchases via their phones, although the proportion increases in Russia’s largest cities, Moscow and St Petersburg, to 23.6% and 23.9% of smartphone users respectively.

Although currently around half of Russians connect to the internet via ‘feature’ phones, smartphones are dramatically increasing in popularity.

Popular search engines

The three most popular search engines in Russia, together with the relative percentages of their usage:

  • Yandex – 60.5%
  • Google – 29.7%
  • Mail – 7.3%

Social media

Russian consumers tend to prefer home-grown social media platforms to otherwise popular global alternatives, with domestic social networking site VKontakte the most popular with a 28% penetration rate. follows closely behind, and is particularly popular with Russian students that want to connect and share data.


In the fourth quarter of 2014, it was reported that 46% of the Russian population had an active account with any social network and 34.5 million Russians were visiting at least one social network every day.

Retail categories

The most frequently-purchased categories of online goods bought by Russian consumers include:

  • Consumer electronics and white goods – 42%
  • Clothing and footwear – 13%
  • Car parts – 10%

Further information

If you'd like to see an extended version of this information, please see the 'eCommerce Environment' section of our passport.

Additional areas covered include:

  • National website domains
  • E-shopper geography by region
  • How they buy: pc v mobile
  • Peak online shopping times
  • Retail categories & growth rates
  • eCommerce growth
  • Russia’s leading online retailers
  • Major Russian trade partners

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