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Territory Overview

Capital city: Berlin
Population (aged 15–79): 72 million
Language: German
Currency: Euro (€)
Internet penetration: 83%
Proportion of the population who have shopped online: 81%
Average online spend per year: €646

Germany is Western Europe’s largest country, with a population of 81 million. As a country it has a strong history in manufacturing, particularly of high quality products at the leading edge of technology. This is reflected in global brands in medicine and healthcare, chemicals, transport and logistics, automotive and aerospace engineering, pharmaceuticals, technology and innovation, energy, environment and financial services.

Germany has the largest economy within the EU, running at circa €2,666bn, but as the following graphics show, there is still an east / west split in terms of prosperity and opportunity. The states in the east of the country, the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), still haven’t gained the full potential of post-unification which took place in the 1990s.

The Federal Republic of Germany is a parliamentary democracy which has been stable for over 60 years and since reunification, consists of 16 states. Local or state level government has a major part to play in the overall governance of the country whilst at the federal level, most ministries are based in Berlin, there are still a few based in the former capital, Bonn (pre-unification).


A constitution is in place and is referred to as the Basic Law. This defines Germany as a constitutional, federal and welfare state.

Germany is a country of 5,700 towns and cities but only 3 have populations of more than one million. Only 81 conurbations have more than 100,000 inhabitants and of the total population, 37 million people (45% of the total population) live in 300 cities.

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eCommerce Environment

eCommerce Environment

eCommerce Environment This section concisely documents statistics and facts related to the use of online and mobile in Germany and specifically examines these channels as they relate to online retail.
Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding This section explores the most popular and effective marketing mechanisms in Germany.
Finance and Payments

Finance and Payments

Finance and Payments This section documents the key financial information you should take into account before trading in Germany.


Legal This section provides an overview of the legal framework of Germany.


Logistics This section examines significant trends, advances and practices in German logistics and delivery.
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer Experience This final section offers information and advice on inspiring consumer confidence and promoting customer retention.

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