IMRG’s Chinese partner organisation is the China International Electronic Commerce Centre (CIECC).

IMRG and CIECC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to promote and facilitate e-retail trade between the UK and China.


CIECC is one of the principal service providers, affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce, promoting trade facilitation through core businesses including network infrastructure, e-commerce services, e-government services and security & credit.


China International Electronic Commerce Center


Founded in February, 1996, China International Electronic Commerce Center (CIECC) is the executive organization and technical support entity for the informationalization construction of Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China. CIECC shoulders the mission to construct, operate and maintain the country’s key informationalization construction projects, Foreign Trade Network, and undertakes the mission of promoting the development and application of Chinese e-commerce and the task of international cooperation and foreign exchanges of state-level electronic commerce.


IMRG and CIECC signed an agreement on 19th October 2016 to:

  • To promote cross-border E-Commerce between UK and China, including B2C and C2C
  • To provide a framework for cooperation in identifying shared strategic aims
  • To establish commitment towards good practice in pursuing business opportunities
  • Promoting and organising delegates to participate E-Commerce events between UK and China
  • Assisting and promoting each other’s activities and businesses related to E-Commerce in their own countries
  • Conducting bilateral research and initiating consultancy report in different industries and fields
  • Establishing a mechanism which allows each other to exchange data on E-Commerce development on a regular basis
  • Initiating projects in terms of international standard cooperation and trust mark for cross-border E-Commerce enterprises
  • Establishing a long-term training cooperation mechanism in E-Commerce between the Parties

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